Metropolitan at the 9 Wedding with Kris and Shelly

I’m catching up on blogging and other projects during this shelter at home order due to Covid-19. So, basically, yes, it does take a worldwide pandemic to get me to blog.

Kris and Shelly wanted to have a first look, but they also wanted to get ready for their big day together. There’s a lot of stress when you’re getting ready to marry the love of your life, and they knew they’d feel better with the other near. Plus, it made sense not to rent a separate hotel room just for one of them to get ready in for a few hours. So they got a screen and divided their suite in half. While they got their hair and make up done, they could hear each other, but couldn’t see each other. Their friends flowed back and forth across the room, pouring champagne, telling stories and cracking jokes–but everyone was careful not to disturb the screen and ruin the impending First Look.

We smuggled Shelly into the hall, while Kris finished getting ready. She waited, holding her bouquet, grinning with anticipation. When Kris finally tapped her on the shoulder, and they turned to face each other, they laughed and cried happy tears. Kris’s smile could light up a room on a normal day–but on her wedding day? Astronauts could probably see her happy smile from the space station. It was truly beautiful to witness.

We went to the Cleveland Cultural Gardens and found some quiet green corners for portraits. Kris and Shelly wanted some modicum of privacy while we were shooting, so the Cultural Gardens were an obvious choice. Even though they’re a popular spot for wedding parties, the Cultural Gardens are so large, it’s not difficult to find a quiet, pretty spot. Plus, Kris and Shelly both like hiking, so they didn’t mind climbing around the Hungarian garden with me in search of the perfect light 🙂

From the Cultural Gardens, we headed downtown to the Metropolitan at the 9 for their wedding ceremony and reception. They got married on the Azure Rooftop of the 9, and the setting was nothing short of dazzling. After the ceremony, Shelly made sure I had a tall ladder, and I climbed to the top (wasn’t scared at all not a bit well maybe a little bit) and took a photo of them with all of the guests. It was truly a gorgeous day full of love. Here are some of my favorite images from Kris and Shelly’s Metropolitan at the 9 wedding.

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  1. Barry Peskin
    March 26, 2020

    Amazing Lindsey

    • blogadmin
      March 26, 2020

      Thanks Barry! Hope you’re hanging in and staying safe xoxo

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