Acacia Reservation Wedding with Natalie and Colin Gets Rained Out

Natalie and Colin had the most beautiful outdoor wedding planned at Acacia Reservation. They love to be outside in nature, so Acacia’s green hills and forest were the perfect setting for them. A quick ceremony, followed by cocktails and dinner inside the beautiful ballroom at Acacia. That was the plan, anyway.

Natalie and Colin had a lovely first look outside. We kept an eye on the dark clouds moving in, and managed to get some photos before they burst. We ignored the first few rain drops, but then the wind kicked up in earnest, and we had to dash inside. The Acacia staff checked their weather apps approximately every 6.5 seconds, tracking the storm, hoping it would subside by the time the ceremony was supposed to start.

The rain stopped, but the wind did not. It threatened to blow over the arch of flowers the florist had worked so hard putting together. At the last minute, Natalie and Colin decided to move the ceremony inside. I’m sure they were disappointed, but they were honestly smiling so much that it was hard to tell. I guess when you’re marrying the love of your life, the weather doesn’t much matter.

Here are some favorites from Natalie and Colin’s Acacia Reservation Wedding.

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