Romantic Bookstore Engagement Session with Kat and Will

Kat and Will’s engagement session at Loganberry Books was so much fun. Filled with cozy nooks and crannies, it was the perfect setting for a romantic engagement photo session.

Most of my time is spent photographing weddings, and everyone who knows me knows that a wedding is my happy place. They’re fast paced, creative, fun, and there’s hardly a moment when I’m not physically or creatively on my toes. Photographing a wedding is a reactive process–you deal with whatever lighting situation nature and the venue hands you in that moment. Assess, adapt, capture–and make it look easy– is the mantra of a wedding photographer.

Engagement sessions are more of a proactive situation. You choose the time of day, lighting, location, and even the clothing. During an engagement session, there is a give and take between the subject and the camera that is still in play on a wedding day, but it’s slowed down and accentuated during the casual leisurely pace of an engagement session.

Not everyone knows I am obsessed with books, reading, and story telling– my second happy place is curled on the couch with a book (my Kindle!) in hand. So when Kat and Will said they wanted to do their engagement session in a bookstore, I was all for it. I figured we do some cool setups inside, then head out into Shaker for some outdoor photos. But my initial plan went out the window once I saw the inside of Loganberry Books. Just. Wow.

Loganberry Books is an independently owned and operated bookstore in the historic Larchmere neighborhood of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Established in 1994, it has over 100,000 volumes. The walls are floor to ceiling books, with ladders for reaching the top shelves. A sky light in the middle of the store provides beautiful natural light, and the space definitely gives off Harry Potter vibes. Everywhere I turned, there was another nook, cranny, cozy couch or wall of books that was perfect for photos. The hardest part was not tossing my camera in the corner, grabbing a book, and curling up on the velvet couch. I will definitely be returning to this bookstore when I have a free day.

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